Ways to Support

Collaborative Projects to help Dolpo
  • Altitude Project, altitudeproject.ca: A Canadian nonprofit that supports schools in Upper Dolpo. They are the primary school sponsors for my village, Karang and my sister’s village in Tiling.  I volunteer to help write their newsletters which help funds the schools in Dolpo. In 2019, Altitude Project sponsored a Yak Girl  tour in BC, Canada and organized 9 presentations for me with David Swain, founder of the project. David has been to Nepal and met my family.
  • ROKPA International, rokpa.org: Provides shelter, food and education for Nepali children from poor backgrounds. Rokpa was the nonprofit that helped me and my family. ROKPA has organized Yak Girl presentation in Nepal and in Zurich, Switzerland and both were very successful events. And I have done presentations with Lea Wyler, cofounder of ROKPA.
  • Himalaya Current, himalayacurrents.org: A nonprofit in USA that brings solar energy to Dolpo so people can have basic electricity to run schools and medical clinics in villages. Peter Werth, founder of the organization often stays in touch with me, we did a presentation together in Connecticut and he has met my family in Dolpo. He has trekked to Dolpo serval times and installed solar powers in schools and medical clinics especially in my village in Karang and my sister’s village in Tiling.
  • Shree Mangal Dvip School (SMD) , https://himalayanchildren.org/ :  Provides free education and housing for many Himalayan children.  They are current sponsors for my niece and other Dolpo relatives. SMD arranged two Yak Girl presentations to speak at their school in Nepal.

Here are ways you can help me and be part of the Yak Girl journey

I am a self-employed and I support myself and my family through my creative work.

  •  Yak Girl:  Read my memoir , Yak Girl and write a review of the book on Amazon. This is a huge help in getting me up in the ratings so I can get seen by a much bigger audience!
  • Etsy Shop: Purchase my art, jewelry and other creative work on my Etsy Shop at DorjeArtsCollection
  •  Venmo and Paypal: For direct sales, tips/contributions. For those who asked me ways to contribute to my family in Nepal or support my 2023 Dolpo trip, Venmo and Paypalme is the best way.  For nonprofit projects listed above, please donate directly on their websites not to me.
  • Speaker:  Invited me to be speaker for your events. I am currently available for online presentations.
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Thank you for all your support, encouragement and inspirations!

😊 Dorje Dolma/Yak Girl